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Facts on Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases affect a large population of patients, from young people to elderly people, whose medical needs are not satisfied. This is linked to a high mortality rate, with more than 10 million people dying as a direct consequence according to the World Health Organization. Among these various diseases, respiratory infections are at the foreground and still constitute a major health and economic concern (3.5 million deaths annually worldwide). In parallel, the rapidly increasing resistance to antibiotics highlights the need for novel drugs and/or novel therapies. Indeed, up to 70% of pathogens responsible for upper tract respiratory infections appeared to be resistant to first-line antibiotics.

Among all the different tools available to test the efficacy of antibiotics, conventional techniques performed in-vitro remained necessary although proven to be insufficient. Indeed, numerous therapeutic treatments failed despite a good susceptibility of the chosen pathogen to the drug of interest. Therefore, the implementation of preclinical testing of anti-infectious candidates in more complex systems is strongly required by health authorities.

Vivexia offers an extensive experience in drug testing in models of bacterial infections with a special focus on model of pulmonary infections. We can provide high expertise in the field of anti-infectious therapies and in-vivo pharmacodynamics studies in order to evaluate the efficacy of novel anti-infectious therapies. We are also committed to propose new strategies to prevent the development of resistance and limit the virulence of pathogens.

Human-like pharmacodynamics studies

The results of these analyses must provide an increased level of confidence required by the specifications during the development of the drug candidate. This step, taking place after screening but before clinical tests, will help determine more rapidly the limits of the therapies and define more precisely the drugs, especially in terms of prevention of resistance. All these elements should therefore lead to reduced risks (cost, time, and efficacy) directly linked to the development of these extremely expensive novel therapies as well as the discovery of new strategies to fight against resistances.

This innovative technology is the result of a perfect integration of knowledge in various disciplines such as biology, infectiology, pharmacology and clinic. As a consequence, we master:

  • The creation of experimental models and more precisely serious infection models (ventilation-acquired pneumonia, hospital-acquired pneumonia)
  • The surgical techniques
  • The administration routes, treatment schedules and treatment doses
  • The pharmacodynamics studies to determine the efficacy of therapies.

The innovative nature of the technology lies in the opportunity to humanize pharmacokinetic of the tested drugs, meaning that an accurate treatment can reproduce with confidence and individually the human blood concentrations. This technology is transcribed in two softwares, one of them determining the right volumes to administer and the other one conducting the pumps). This system allows the individual monitoring of the pharmacokinetic of each tested drug.

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